Martin Docherty – Resignation as Bailie and City Councillor

Following Martin’s election as MP for West Dunbartonshire, he has contacted the MCTCC with a copy of his resignation letter.  The MCTCC would like to record its thanks to Martin as a faithful local councillor and to convey its good wishes for this new chapter in his political career

Dear Chairperson

Over the last three years I have been honoured to serve the ward of Anderston and City along with my ward colleagues Bailie Dr Baker, Bailie Braat and Councillor Matheson. It has indeed been a privilege to represent what has been, to very recent my home ward.
I am sure you will now be aware that in the early hours of 8 th May 2015 I was duly elected as the Member of Parliament for the county constituency of West Dunbartonshire, which includes the great Burgh of Clydebank, the ancient Burgh of Dumbarton and the mighty Vale of Leven. It is for me a political home coming.
With that in mind, I now tender my resignation as a Bailie and City Councillor of the great City of Glasgow, it has indeed been an honour to be a member of this great Council and I wish you, the Community Councillors and members of the Community every success for the future.
Martin Docherty
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