Local Council By Election: Candidate Profiles

Following last week’s hustings meeting which was part of our regular monthly, we are happy to provide theses profiles, as received, of the candidates.  If more profiles are received, we will happily add these.


Ary Jaff has been selected as the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Candidate in the upcoming by-election on 6th of August.

Ary works in financial services in the ward and graduated from Glasgow University in 2012 having gained a degree in Biomolecular Sciences. Ary is Kurdish and was born in Baghdad before immigrating to Scotland in 2005. Ary became a British citizen in 2010, determined making Glasgow his home.

Ary recently joined the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party, inspired by Ruth Davidson’s vision for a stronger Scotland within a strong United Kingdom. He was also an activist for Better Together during the referendum.

Commenting on his selection to stand as the Scottish Conservative candidate for Anderston/City, Ary said,

“I am delighted to be selected to stand to be the next Councillor for Anderston/City. The Heart of Glasgow needs a Councillor who will work hard for ordinary people.

We’ve seen Glasgow City Council grow more and more out of touch and I want to change that. I’ll be a Councillor doing my best to work for you, to improve our area.

I will work to ensure that residents’ needs are taken into account as well as those of businesses and visitors. This part of Glasgow is incredibly varied and I want to ensure local people can make the most of it”.


Hello Neighbour

My name is Christy Mearns and I am standing to be your councillor for the Scottish Green Party in the Anderston/City by-election because I believe that Glasgow City Council desperately needs to be challenged with fresh voices and new ideas. For too long the people and small businesses of Glasgow have had to suffer under this current council who, time and time again, make poor decisions and shamefully waste money. This couldn’t be more of a pressing need in a new age of austerity under the current Westminster government. I have lived in Glasgow all my life and as a proud Glaswegian I care deeply about this city and the people that make it such a dynamic place to live and work. As a young and committed activist already, I strongly believe that I have the ambition and determination required to achieve this. I promise I will work tirelessly to empower our community by getting to know all the issues you face, standing up for you all to make our objections heard and campaigning strongly for change. Too often the voices of our community have been ignored and I desperately want to see this changed. The Scottish Greens believe that decisions that affect local people are better made locally and I happen to agree. As a second Green councillor in your ward, alongside Nina Baker, and as a stronger green voice in Glasgow City Council, we would be much better placed to challenge the top-down structures of this out-of-touch council. Drastic change is needed and I believe that the greens can make a big difference at this level; a vote for the greens at this election would begin the process now of transforming our council into one that puts it’s residents, not big business, first. I would happily work with all other parties in order to achieve this.

Importantly I also would persevere in the face of set-backs. I don’t expect to see change immediately but I will work hard until I do. My recent experience campaigning for ‘Say no to Tesco’, for example, has given me the determination needed in working to preserve our communities. As I spend much of my free time writing to the council anyway, engaging my local community as a community councillor, and supporting social enterprise, I believe that I would be well placed to do this. I would delight in contributing much greater vision to Glasgow City Council in achieving a cleaner, greener, healthier and happier community in Anderston and City. Let’s use this opportunity to vote for the party you believe in now and be the change you want to see today! A vote for me on the 6th of August is a vote for the community

Born in Yorkhill Hospital, Katie had her earliest education in Cranstonhill Nursery School in Finnieston. Later in life, Katie served this community as a Police Cadet and then Constable in Glasgow City Centre and Anderston Police Stations. Despite having to leave for medical reasons, she went on to study at Durham University, before working in business development.

Katie is a dedicated campaigner for greater awareness of disabilities through sport and was honoured with carrying the Olympic flame in 2012. She has over 5 years’ experience of working for charities and set up her own business focusing on physical therapy in 2011.

Her primary focus is around working as hard as she possibly can for everyone in Anderston/City ward, should she be privileged enough to serve them as their Councillor. In the lead up to the election, her focus is ensuring she can speak to as many constituents as possible, to understand what they are looking for from their new Councillor.


As a new Scot from a country with a strong social democratic tradition, I will always fight for the right of people to take part in decisions that affect them. I was born in Sweden and chose to make Glasgow my home more than 20 years ago. I am currently living in Partick with my teenage son and daughter and have been involved in community activity since 2007, through local residents associations and the Partick Community Council.

My work experience has been varied, from archaeology – cultural conservation and education, to producing management training packages, and later focused on web development and accessible information. I currently work full time for a college in Glasgow, where I have been employed since 2006, though as an elected Councillor I would leave this position.

Anderston/City is a thriving area of the city but a lot could be done to improve local services and facilities. I am passionate about creating safer neighbourhoods for us all – pedestrians, cyclists and motorists – as well as taking care of our shared public spaces, libraries, museums and parks. The inner city should provide a living environment that works for not only young professionals but also families and pensioners.

If I’m elected I’ll join SNP colleagues in the City Chambers to give the people of Anderston/City more of a say in the decisions that affect them. I’ll be a listening Councillor for Anderston/City in a more democratic City Council and I will work for:

  • Empowering community strength and grass roots democracy, by supporting local decisions about their own community facilities.
  • Fighting for proper planning consultations where all voices are heard; To ensure student developments are only built where students need them.
  • Supporting local businesses and helping small and micro businesses to thrive locally.
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