2015 Merchant City & Trongate Community Council AGM Minutes

Merchant City and Trongate Community Council Annual General Meeting Minutes DRAFT

Tuesday 27th October 2015, Glasgow City Chambers.  

Community Councillors  
Residents / Others  
Ex Officio members  
Apologies Sandra White (MSP), Baillie Baker



Discussion Action

1.            Record membership attendance and apologies received

Tam Coyle welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to the Annual General Meeting. Membership and apologies were recorded.


2.            Approve the presented minutes of the last AGM

Minutes unavailable, agreed to defer to next month.


Add approval of minutes from AGM 2014 to Agenda for Nov 2016.

3.            Approve Chair’s Annual Report (Tam Coyle)

The chairperson’s annual report was read and approved. This will be posted on website.


Tam thanked community councillors and minute secretary. Also thanked councillors both new and old.


Overview of last year – points included:

  • Progress with social media
  • Merchant City Festival (MCF)
  • Problems with late or no notification, planning  developments and noise from building sites
  • Greyfriars Garden (won award at MCF)


Plans for coming year:

  • Hope to work on a policy on height and new student developments.
  • Guest  speakers are welcome.
  • There has been interest indicated in the open space (Duncan McLaren)


TC send approved annual report to CH to put on website.

4.            Approve Treasurer’s submission of Independently Examined Statement of Accounts

Accounts have been approved and were circulated for approval. Steven Dowling requires an original signed version of both.



TC will send his report & signed accounts to Steven Dowling.

5.            Demit of current office bearers (Steven Dowling assumed chair).

Uncontested election because there are more spaces than applications. This is an election year so all membership stands down rather than just office bearers.


Names read: Robin Jones, Robert Cochrane, Duncan McLaren (not present), Gerald Hirst, Paula Reilly, Madeleine Rooney, Liz Hayle. Date for nominations has past but because they are not contested they can be accepted. The two new appointments have to be ratified at the next meeting further to approval by Steven Dowling. Lynne McKenzie indicated interest.




6.            Election of Office Bearers

All community councillors were reinstated. Only resident community council members can nominate and stand for positions.


Chairperson: Tam Coyle nominated by Bob Cochrane seconded by Gerald Hirst.

Vice chair: Bob Cochrane nominated by Liz Hayle, seconded by Tam Coyle.

Secretary: Paula Reilly nominated by Tam Coyle, seconded by Bob Cochrane.

Treasurer: Gerald Hirst nominated by Peter Hayman, seconded by Robin Jones.

Minute Secretary & Associate Member: Claire Hyland, nominated by Tam Coyle, seconded by Bob Cochrane.

Planning contact: Gerald Hirst, nominated by Tam Coyle, Bob Cochrane.

Licensing: Tam Coyle, nominated by Paula Reilly, seconded Robin Jones.




7.            Call for nominations and the election of a Lead and Substitute Community

Council Representative on the local Area Partnership: Area partnership lead Gerald nominated by Tam Coyle & seconded Liz Hayle. Substitute is Tam Coyle, nominated by Gerald Hirst, seconded by Paula Reilly.








8.            Nomination to act as Chair at Community Council Discussion Forum (CCDF).

Tam Coyle agreed to attend.


The newly elected Chair, Tam Coyle, officiated for the remainder of the AGM.



9.            Note the appointment of an Independent Examiner of accounts for the next year.

Douglas Leishman. Name and role and contact details to be included in original copy of accounts.


10.          Note the appointment of associate members.

Claire Hyland appointed.


11.          Review the Inventory and Additional Resources (see clause 9c of the Scheme)

None at moment, may purchase a printer. Steven Dowling reminded the meeting that anything purchased through this belongs to the community council and not the individual.


12.              Chairperson confirms the date of the next AGM to take place in October 2016

Tuesday 25th Oct 2016.

The Chair close the AGM and officiated for the ordinary meeting.

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