October Monthly Meeting of MCTGG Minutes

Merchant City and Trongate Community Council Meeting Minutes DRAFT

Tuesday 27th October, 2015, Glasgow City Chambers.  

Community Councillors tbc
Residents / Others tbc
Ex Officio members  
Apologies Sandra White (MSP), Baillie Baker



Discussion Point Action
1              Welcome and Introductions Tam Coyle

Tam Coyle welcomed people to the meeting and apologies were noted. He thanked  community councillor Agnes Creaney and Cllr. Mathieson for his dedication to MCTCC.

2              Police Report

PC John Aitken apologised for not being able to attend while he has been placed on CID. Hopefully there will be more continuity from this point forward.


This area has few issues especially when compared to other areas.


Decrease crime down 17% compared to last year. Police will pass stats for specific crimes to Bob Cochrane at end of meeting.

·         Assaults last year 25, this year 35.

·         Serious assaults this year – 3.

·         Robberies 2.


Police dealt with one of the serious assaults. This was an alcohol related incident with the individual and not a random attack. Reassured people there is unlikely to be a recurrence.


Coming up to bonfire night, people throwing fireworks. One individual has already been apprehended, please be vigilant.


Dedicated licensing officers are out at weekend in City Centre Plans. Please make police aware of any concerns.



Police were asked questions relating to people gaining illegal entry to closes and the time it takes to go through questions when phoning 999.


Police responded that as far as 999 goes there are only 4 hubs where these are sent now. They have to prioritise & make sure it is a genuine call. Police will take details of individual at the end and progress this further. They say they were let into building but noone admits to letting them in. They continually ask for the same person.


Police confirmed that in the case of an emergency and immediate danger 999 is the right number to call. Calling 101 can take longer.

3              Licensing Tam Coyle

Licensing applications were read – nothing contentious.



4              Guest Speaker Claire Hart from Good Company Events

Has undertaken consultancy work with Mercer to do with events in the Candleriggs space.


Have been working to secure the site so it doesn’t become a carpark – putting in barrier fencing and planting. Architect has created fence line.


License application has been submitted for a Christmas market. Bavarian style, 21st Dec to 24th Dec, 10am to 10pm. Bavarian market fairground ride will be very tall. Will be taller than houses in the area. Will be too fast to see in houses.

Other license application for craft stalls and food units. All currently in progress.


Mercer don’t want wrong type of event. Halloween event may not go ahead. Not a licensable event because it is a cinema event. Interest from stakeholders for a  comedy festival etc. to be scheduled for next year. Wanted to bring a regular Sunday market with a brand such as Wholefoods. Trying to attract the right type of event, not nightclubs etc. Also meeting with farmers markets. Retailers in merchant city crafters market. Not had capability or finance to get this set up yet. Have volunteered the site for street food markets planned by GCC.



·         Difficult to secure farmers markets etc. because there is no specific site brochure – hopefully fencing will make site look more attractive and contained.

·         Some reports of vagrants but site will be padlocked as of next week.

·         Noise issues – setting up events, heavy trucks and lifting, summer noise can be irritating, generators. In summer can be irritating if it doesn’t close at 10pm on the dot. Generators can be a noise issue if they are not turned off at night. Hard to put generators off at night when there is food on site. Claire will look at pulling as much energy as possible from existing electricity box & locating generators in an area where noise will impact less.

·         Claire had great relationship with licensing board because always plays by the rules.

·         Not known if events are planned for longer than 6 months.

·         Different market being sought for finished development than markets.

·         Not known if there was any consultation for boarding. There will be a retrospective planning permission. Alleviates problem of crash barriers and parking on site. General concensus that notification should have been sent.

·         Curvature of fence line will allow for seating, positioning of craft units & make it look like more of destination to attract farmers’ markets etc.


Claire and Kelly were thanked by Tam.





5               Planning  

College of Building & Printing

Tam Coyle – MCTCC has been asked if we wish to comment on College of Building and Printing development although it is outside our boundary. Tam will ask for information rather than attending the meeting.


Selfridge’s Site Development Update – Tam Coyle & Bob Cochrane

Meeting with Susan Connolly on 8th October. Bob Cochrane read out the email that MCTCC sent to councillors. The only response was from Baillie Baker.

Detailed points of concern which include:

·         Height and sunlight being blocked, height has been lowered slightly but residents will still be affected in this conservation area

·         Number of students (590)will have an impact on the area, this is in addition to existing residential numbers

·         Lack of parking

·         Unpedestrianising Candleriggs


Cannot believe that a scheme this large did not go to members. The fact that this is in contrast to the planning guidelines but passed anyway is unacceptable. There is nothing to suggest that officer see anything untoward with out of place skylines etc.


Points to follow with GCC – Is there  a planning policy on height restrictions? Is there a planning policy on student developments?







6              Cllrs Reports.

Baillie Bolander

·         Has been appointed to the planning committee – somewhat restricted in comments. Not long enough in planning to know when it has to be called into a full planning committee. Baillie Braat commented if there are 6 objections then it must go to planning committee. Does not know if Selfridges is a national development. If it doesn’t come before planning committee then a site visit cannot be organised. Baille Braat and Baker may be able to request that planning permission is re-publicised again. Baillie Braat not aware of specific legal mechanism that would allow him to do this but will pursue with Baillie Bolander.

·         Baillie Bolander had followed up the issue with contractors parking in the street.

·         Parnie St lights issue – has received a response that the lighting has been fixed.

·         Ingram St development – sales price for the plot was related to the number of rooms that the development  would include. This is concerning because will encourage high developments with maximum number of rooms. Peter Hayman questioned whether  it will include a garden – Baillie Bolander does not know.


Discussion concerning 20 mph zone – Traffic order 201 for mandatory 20mph zone. Statutory 6 week period of consultation. Can object or support as individual or community councillor.


Enforcement: Police commented that traffic control are not interested in coming into city centre. Boy racers have been an issue for 20 years. Police tried to provide various solutions. Trying to get an exclusion zone put in place. Police can give one warning to leave area and if they do not they can remove their vehicle. This lasts for 12 months for both the driver and the car. Hopefully this comes in.


Peter Hayman presented a case in favour of 20mph limit. The thinking behind it is very convincing, is for pedestrians and the general atmosphere of city. About the ordinary driver and not boy racers etc. It is about the attitude to the way you are driving. It is happening all over the country. This was supported by Claire Hyland.


Community council is divided over support. Put to vote do we support or not. 4 community councillors voted in favour. 5 against. People should write as individuals rather than community council. graham.dewar@glasgow.gov.uk


Baillie Braat

Kept report brief as time is limited.

Committee Room no. 9 – proposal to extend to 11am Sunday. Will follow up with Bob Cochrane and Tam Coyle regarding policies for height and student developments in the city centre.















Date of next meeting.

Tue 24th November, 2015. 7-9pm in Glasgow City Chambers (entrance through archway on Cochrane St). Bob Cochrane will chair.



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