Feb 2016 Minutes now available.

February 2016 approved minutes are now up.  Apologies for the delay in posting, hopefully March’s minutes will not be too long on appearing too!


Merchant City and Trongate Community Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 23rd February, 2016, City Chambers DRAFT

Community Councillors Tam Coyle (Chair), Paula Reilly (Secretary), Bob Cochrane (Vice Chair), Liz Hayle, Duncan MacLaren, Robin Jones.
Residents / Others Claire Hyland (minute taker/associate member), PC David Urban, Lynne McKenzie, John Docherty, Peter Hayman, Stefan Strzelecki, Justene Strzelecki, Colin Forrester.
Ex Officio members Baillie Braat.
Apologies Gerald Hirst (Treasurer),  Madeleine Rooney, Sandra White (MSP).




1.             Welcome and Introductions

Tam Coyle welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologies were noted. The minutes from the January meeting were approved.



2.             Secretary’s Report (Paula Reilly)

A resident has sent a tweet asking for updates on Candleriggs’ site. Tam Coyle is aware of at least 3 future events and would like to know what the process is for notification. MCTCC has not been notified of any events. The planned Comedy Club is a concern, 8:45 start might mean a 10pm finish. Claire Hyland reminded everyone that Alasdair Finlayson has previously mentioned a limit for a space being used for events before applying for permission. It might be worth checking how many days the site has been used for.






3.             Treasurer’s Report (Gerald Hirst)

Apologies recorded.




4.             Police Report PC David Urban.

Merchant City and Trongate is always one of the best areas with very low crime rates. 20% decrease in crime compared to last year. 39 assaults last year and this year 13. Detention rate is hard to analyse because investigations are ongoing. Serious assaults have increased slightly to 4 & have mainly happened in night clubs. 3 breakins last year, 2 this year. No attempts to rob. 22 Breach of Peace last month.



A resident raised issues concerning a vagrant who had taken to sleeping in the close of the flat. On-going issues with this situation were discussed.

Tam Coyle commented that there was a fire in his block of flats and the fire brigade had trouble accessing the building because of double parking. Police agreed this is an issue across the city almost daily. Because it happens across the city there are limited resources to deal with it. Please phone every time this happens so a record can be taken. PC Urban will raise this issue with the Area Commander. Bob Cochrane questioned if the issue should be raised with city parking. Cllr Matheson has said they give better value for money. If they can lift car at 11am Sunday morning surely they can do this in case of fire. Tam confirmed it was at 9:20pm on a Friday night. General agreement that this is an important issue.


Noise disturbance

Noise disturbance created by buskers using amplifiers was discussed. Police reiterated the importance of phoning every time it happens so a record can be kept. It is a new trend, police are aware of this and are dealing with it.


Bob Cochrane commented that the issue of low level disturbance has been raised a number of times. There is a slight absence of police in the small hours. The 24 hour economy is a problem. We are saying there are noise issues. Can something not be done? We are telling you where the issues are. Why do we have to phone in? Maybe someone could walk by?


Liz suggested it might be an issue for GCC noise abatement.


Police confirmed that buskers do not need a license. Equipment can be seized, similar to a private property however an initial warning has to be given. Peter Hayman suggested that police on bikes would be able to cover a larger area. PC Urban commented that the amount of police at weekends is being reduced due to cuts. Bikes are not used at night. Hot spot areas are targeted based on statistics. Last weekend there were only 40 police for whole city, years ago it was double that. It has been decreasing every month.


Robin Jones pointed out that noise issues are not present all night, it is spilling out times.


It was questioned if Police Scotland make recommendations to licensing committee that further licensing should not be granted given the cuts. PC Urban will ask about this and report back.


Baillie Braat commented that the argument for reducing number of venues open due to less police could also be true during the day. As legislation stands the licensing committee do not have the power to take decisions based on this. Would be worthwhile finding out why number of police is reducing. There was a commitment that police figures would be not be reduced.


Bob Cochrane enquired whether MCTCC should write a letter to divisional commander concerning lack of resources. Peter Hayman thinks this might be premature if there isn’t a problem. It was agreed that this depends on where you live. PC Urban agreed to report back on the issues raised and report on average statistics for the year as well. Will take notes to Area Commander.
















PC Urban to raise issue with double parking preventing fire brigade access with Area Commander. 
























Baillie Braat to enquire if licensing can take into account the reductions in police numbers.




PC Urban to report back on issues raised with police resources and noise issues.

5.             Licensing (Tam Coyle)

GCC’s system has still not been changed to electronic. Tam last sent an email on the 27th of November 2015 and has heard nothing since. The current notification system does not allow time for discussion. Objection dates for issues being raised is Thursday. Cllr. Braat has had no updates regarding this however it might be related to the major IT incident that happened around Christmas.


Blackfriars Bar. Concern expressed about outdoor seating increasing from 16 to 37. Seating will be on Bell St. Discussion regarding license application for children until 9pm. Concern that Blackfriars is very crowded and might not be suitable for children at night. Unclear whether children will be only in the function area or in the whole bar.



Arta –  concern expressed that there will be an under 18 disco in an area that is predominantly an adult entertainment venue. There are no other under 18 discos in the area. Concern that a license for children to be allowed at functions until 1am is also very late. Unclear whether this is intended for young people rather than children.


Agreement that both applications (Arta and Blackfriars) are confusing and require clarification on areas that children will be given access to and the difference in hours for children and young people. Baillie Braat suggested writing in with views about would be deemed acceptable. Liz Hayle will draft a letter for this.


Manor view pub, Hutchison St. Open premises before alcohol hours. Children until 9pm. Increase occupant capacity from 98 to 160 through creation of mezzanine level. No objections.


Club Gym, 50-54 Glassford St. Mon-Fri 5pm-8pm. Discussion over the stated opening hours, only 3 hours per day. Tam has written asking for clarification but has received no reply.Objection date is this Friday.  Bob Cochrane read letter received regarding noxious gases released while building work was undertaken. This was before license had been granted – why are they doing work with no license? Baillie Braat suggested it could be that they do not need permission for they type of work they are undertaking. Baillie Braat will follow this up and try to clarify the hours.


Post Office – MCTCC objected to Post Office on 7th Dec. Have received a reply that the application will be considered on Wed 9th march at 9:30am and MCTCC can speak to their objection by attending at this time. Tam has done this and spent the whole day waiting. Can we get an estimated time, a morning or afternoon appointment? Bailile Braat offered to enquire about this.


Temporary market operators license, Brunswick St. Sat, 8am-8pm, City Property. No info on road closures. Baillie Braat noticed another application for Broomielaw. Has been informed that it is a quality market with vehicles removed at end of permitted hours. Closing date for objections Thur 10th March and 9th March. Tam will ask for more information. Claire Hyland suggested ensuring that they will not be built too early (because of previous noise disturbance from MCF stalls).























Liz Hayle to draft letter regarding Arta and Blackfriars applications.







Baillie Braat to clarify hours of operation for proposed gym & why work is being undertaken before license is granted.



Baillie Braat to enquire if a more specific morning/afternoon time can be given in order for MCTCC to speak to objection re. Post Office. 












Tam Coyle to request more information regarding Brunswick St market.

6.             Planning Applications (Tam Coyle)


Brian Muir has offered to give a 30-45 min presentation regarding planning for Metropolitan Tower North Hanover/Cathedral St. As this is out of MCTCC area it might not be necessary for a presentation. Paula Reilly suggested advertising the opening day through social media and mail list.


Letter received from Young and Gault regarding application at 228 Dickson St. for a hotel – a public exhibition will be held.


MCF – Tam attended a meeting about Get Involved Fund, there were 42 people in attendance. Tam will give a monthly report on the run up to the festival. He has been assured that there will be no further problems with stalls being built at 5am. Noise issues with one stall last year were also dealt with. MCTCC are lucky to have Cllr. Matheson on organising committee who will ensure that issues are taken on board.


Floor letter – Robin Jones enquired if anyone else has had a letter saying they live in  a potential flood area? Does anyone know anymore about this? There is a public exhibition Wed 24th Feb, 231 George St, grd floor conference room, 2-7pm. Peter Hayman will attend and report back.























Peter Hayman to report back from flooding meeting.


7.             Councillors’ Reports

a)     Baillie Braat

Liz Hayle raised the issue with bollard. It is still down. Baillie Braat has had no reply from correspondence regarding this. Jane Laiolo and Baillie Braat are both following this up.


Peter Hayman confirmed that 20mph limit traffic regulation order has been passed.


Tam Coyle raised the issue of no electronic information for buses in Glasgow. The system went out over Christmas and has not worked since. Baillie Braat will find out about this – he has noticed that street lights have also been out, this might be linked in some shape or form.


A resident commented about smoking in a bus shelter in Cochrane St.

Baille Braat is not clear about the law regarding this but can make enquiries.


Issues raised concerning safety of bus stop in Stockwell St. In order to see bus people have to stand on the road. There is a free-stanidng cash machine blocking the view.


Candleriggs site – Tam Coyle has found out on social media there will be pop up restaurant event for a 10-12 day event. There is also a comedy tent & BBC children’s event planned. 3 events planned with no notification – MCTCC would like to know why.


MCTCC have written to LES and Glasgow Green regarding issues with Great Scottish Run. There will be an LES official at MCTCC April monthly meeting and they have sent a list of notification of events – will out on website.


Issues on Ingram St with scaffolding being narrowed. Too narrow for 2 people to pass let alone people using a wheelchair or pushing a buggie. Baillie Braat suggested contacting Land & Environmental Services and copying in DRS.


Tam Coyle raised issues with Travel Lodge light pollution – blue lights until 2am – he will follow this up.


Issues with Ibis Hotel deliveries (Millar St). 5:30-7 am deliveries. Manager has responded that it is a GCC directive because of restrictions on heavy weight vehicles. Baillie Bolander is following this up.


Baille Braat reminded people that Queen St station is closing on 20th March for 6 months. There has been talk regarding events held in George Square – the ice rink may disappear although nothing has been set in stone – there will be a review.


Tam Coyle thanked Baillie Braat for help to get pot holes fixed on Hutcheson St. and congratulated him on his appointment as Treasurer for the city.


Tam Coyle will ensure that various comments are forwarded to all councillors as Baillie Braat is the only one in attendance.




Baillie Braat to follow up on issue with bollard.





Baillie Braat to follow up on issue electronic bus info.









Baillie Braat follow up on bus stop issues.






















Tam Coyle to raise issue of light pollution with Travel Lodge.













Tam Coyle to ensure comments are sent to all councillors.

8.             AOCB

Tam Coyle enquired if there would be appetite for another hustings meeting. Bob Cochrane suggested using a bigger venue. Peter Hayman suggested it might be a bit late to ask candidates to attend. General agreement that this would be good if it could be arranged. Tam Coyle will arrange this for April meeting.


Paula Reilly – a resident tweeted looking for updates on the Candleriggs site. Claire Hyland enquired if any of the councilors have followed up on actions to find out about planning permission for the site. No one is aware of any further progress with this.


Old building on corner of John St/Martha St – the developer has changed application from flats to hotel.


This will be Liz Hayle’s last meeting. Tam Coyle thanked her for help help with MCTCC.





Tam Coyle to arrange hustings meeting. 















Date of next meeting.

Next meeting will be held on Tue 29th March, 2016, 7-9pm. Glasgow City Chambers.



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